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I have come to learn about the sometimes miraculous results in treaating cancer with hemp oil. I am interested to know if anyone has heard of hemp oil as a treatment or better yet, if anyone has used it./ What were the results? I dont get my next blood work done until the end of July. I have to take umbrage with the previous posting that it is ineffective.

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The patient's inclinations toward a particular therapy are often a product of decades of programming that will not be undone in a course of weeks or even months.

Bladder Cancer Your Questions Answered - Cleveland Clinic

A randomised, double-blind study comparing the efficacy and. - NCBI

I had been suffering from prostatitis for about 18 months.

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Cataract patients—and their need for care—are both on the rise, especially as the baby boomer generation approaches retirement age.

Flomax protocol:

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